When individuals or families come to us for assistance we offer it in two ways.  The first is transportation, either by supplying a donated vehicle, or making repairs to an existing vehicle. There is an application process and the applicant must meet the eligibility requirements.

Second, we offer applicants an opportunity to achieve financial freedom through a biblical based financial training program.  They're offered strong financial counsel as well as a mentor to provide accountability and help them master the course objectives, ultimately leading to a lifestyle of stewardship and financial stability. 

Forms to be submitted to:

or mailed to: 

Kingdom Cars

541 Mountain Ave 

Gillette NJ 07933

*** Please do not call with questions during the day- email only- Kingdom Cars is a 100% volunteer organization.  Rich's Auto conducts business MON-FRI 7:30am-5:30pm and we ask that we respect their employees time.  Someone will get back to you in a timely manner****

Procedure to get help

Step 1: Pastoral Referral

1. Your local pastor needs to fill out a pastoral referral form and submit it along with a letter of recommendation.  If you do not have a church please reach out to us and we can connect you with one of the churches we have partnered with. 

2.  Your pastor will need to team you up with a mentor for the program.  This person will help keep you on track with your spending plan as well as pray for you during your journey.

Step 2: Your Application

 Submit your application along with your supporting documents:

  1. copy of drivers license
  2. insurance and registration (if you have a car that needs repair) 
  3. Copy of last 2 paystubs or proof of income

Step 3: Review Board

  1.  The review board will look over your application to make sure we have everything we need to qualify you for the program.  Then, a team member from Kingdom Cars will reach out to you and your pastor via email.  Please remember we are a 100% volunteer staff- this may take a few days.   

Step 4: Financial Program


1.  Kingdom Cars will supply you and your mentor with a copy of Larry Burket's Crown Financial DVD / Workbook program.  (cost $15 each).  It is a self paced dvd and workbook that takes about 6-8 hours to complete.  

2.  Once you've completed the workbook  you'll need to submit a Kingdom Cars Budget Sheet.  (Must also be approved by your mentor)

3.  Begin working your budget program.  Daily logs are to be done and transferred at the end of each week to your weekly budget worksheets.  

Step 5: Eligibility Determination


When all the forms have been submitted and you're able to start logging your daily expenses including meeting with a mentor on a regular basis the review board will meet again to determine if you qualify to receive a car or to stay in the car clinic.  If you are approved to receive a car and we do not have one you will be placed on a waiting list.  Also, based on  income you may be asked to pay a percentage of your repairs.  

***Please remember we want you to become financially sound, not remain dependent on the program. ****