Support Our Mission

The bible clearly tells us to bear one another’s burdens when they are too heavy to carry alone (Galations 6:2).  Your gift helps to facilitate that task.  By help, with your support, we are able to enable those less fortunate with the tools to survive.  It’s not just about helping with transportation, but rather showing biblical compassion through financial training, being involved in their lives, and offering assistance for their current situations.  With the generous support and prayer of people like you, we can continue to help these individuals with their essential daily needs.We will provide a tax receipt for any monetary donation.  Feel free to utilize the Paypal link below or mail to:  Kingdom Cars Inc.  541 Mountain Ave Gillette NJ 07933 C/O Donations Department       

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Donate A Car

 Kingdom Cars will gladly accept ANY car in ANY condition and provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.  

Step 1:

 Contact us to schedule when a donation can be picked up or dropped off  

Step 2:

 We will assess the overall condition of the car and determine how it can best be used 

There are 3 different ways your donated car will be re-purposed:

1. If your car is assessed as RE-DISTRIBUTABLE, you will receive a tax receipt and you can deduct the full fair market value at the time of your donation.  (For example- if your car falls in this category you’d take the fair market value from a trusted car guide such as or and use that value for your deduction.) ** Don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s indicated on your tax receipt**

2.If your car is assessed and found NON-REPAIRABLE, the vehicle will be taken to a recycling yard or sold to a wholesaler to be auctioned.  You’ll then be able to deduct up to $500 from that year's taxes.  ** Don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s indicated on your tax receipt**

3.If your donation is assessed and found REPAIRABLE BUT NOT RE-DISTRIBUTABLE, your donation will be sold "at an arm's-length"(someone we don’t know) and you’ll be able to deduct the amount it was sold for (this is for vehicles sold over $500).  This category of donation may take a little longer than normal because the vehicle may need repair before being sold plus the time to sell the vehicle. 
The reason some cars are re-distributable and some are not is because we need to meet the needs of our applicants.  For example a single cab pick-up truck isn’t going to work for a single parent with three kids.  Some cars need more 'love' than others and it won’t help to improve the life of someone in need, but rather burden them. 
Repurposing a car is a process… but we’ll handle that for you. 

Step 3
Include your tax receipt when filing your taxes.